O Little Town of Teacakes, Bagels & Hamburger Buns


Writen by Jeannette Clift George (Founder of A.D. Players, Houston, TX)
Directed by Cathy Holbrook
Performed at Actors Workout Studio, North Hollywood, CA Dec 1st - 10th


‘O Little Town of Bagels, Teacakes and Hamburger Buns’ Celebrates Christmas
By Mary Mallory

NORTH HOLLYWOOD – The true meaning of Christmas almost gets lost in the bright lights, sparkly tinsel, sweet foods, and expensive gifts of the season. Crowded malls, hectic traffic, and angry people add to the mayhem.

Christmas should be a time of caring, love, and reaching out to others as evidenced in the First Light Players entertaining, uplifting production of O Little Town of Bagels, Teacakes and Hamburger Buns.

At times a tad preachy, the show presents lonely, hurting people searching for support, love and hope. Multiple strangers – an elderly widower (Ross Araujo), harried diner owner (Ilene Kelsey), lonely young woman (Natalie Jones), grieving widow (Clarissa Raaen), and questioning preacher (Randy Jones) all come together Christmas Eve in the Copeland Bakery – and find gratitude, happiness, and joy as freely given gifts of God. At the same time, the elderly Mr. Bartlett (Araujo) relives precious memories of his deceased wife Rhonda (Olivia Gowan).

As the dream Mrs. Bartlett, Gowan gives an energetic, expressive performance full of heart and warmth. Raaen brings a wistful vulnerability to the grieving Inez Carpenter. Greg Beastrom’s hapless Vic the bellman and Carol Shearer’s over the top, pregnant Mrs. Balkman provide comic relief.


"O LITTLE TOWN OF TEACAKES, BAGELS AND HAMBURGER BUNS" is a drama about a group of strangers whose lives converge together because each one is alone on Christmas Eve.  The setting is the Copeland Hotel Bakery Shop in Palestine, Texas in 1960.  The story is woven together with strands of sorrow and loneliness as we are allowed to see inside the lives of each one of the characters.  But it doesn’t end there.  We then see how God’s love and people’s compassion for one another can mend lives
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