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Are you a non-published Christian playwright?

Are you interested in having your 2 or 3 act plays and/or skits performed by us?

 Please contact us to have your non-published play or skit be considered for posting to this site and/or performed by us.


"A Father's Day Quiz" - (Just how much do you know about being a Dad?)

"A Recipe For Disaster" - (The importance of vision)

"An Ode To Mother's Day" - (Mom has a lot of complaints, but all she really wants is a little appreciation)

"Boxes" - (Dealing with the things that keep us from following Jesus)

"Dueling Speakers" - (The futility of following the "crowd")

"The First Light Zone - Episode 1: The Tongue" (Jane finds that gossip has unforseen repercussions)

"The JC Club" - (Satire about Christians as a social club instead of force for change)

"Oblivious" - (The dangers of being a workaholic)

"The Prodigal Clown" - (Written for a Vacation Bible School-type event, for kids)

"Punishment Made Easy" - (About how guilt can rule our lives)

"Sheep Without A Shepherd" - (A skit written directly after 9/11)

"The Shoe Store" - (Subtle allegory about how churches can view people)

"Super Pastor" - (Super Pastor comes up against a difficult case -- someone who's distraught)

"Super Pastor 2" - Dr. Satan (Super Pastor returns and discovers the best way to obtain victory over the adversary, Dr. Satan!)

"Who Do You Say I Am?" - (Easter monologues and vignettes with a twist)



All plays are in PDF and are large files so it will take time to load.  If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please click here for a free download.

"A Cloud Of Witnesses" - Dedicated and inspired by the Voice of the Martyrs organization, this full-length play has a running 3 Act story with monologues and vignettes interspersed throughout. The monologues and vignettes can be presented on their own, if desired.  It also has Easter applications and can be used for or to support your ministry's Easter Play or program.  (96 pages)

"Neighborhood Noel" - This is a full three act Christmas Comedy featuring an ensemble cast.  Presented by the FLP for Christmas '03, it received a great response by our audiences and is a whole lot of fun to do.  Should it be necessary to tailor this production to fit your ministry's needs, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with ideas.  (116 pages)

"Love Thy Neighbor But Don't Interrupt The Game" - Presented by the FLP in March, 2004, this is a full three act ensemble Easter comedy.  It's fast paced and funny.  We had a tremendous audience response with every show.  There is a dramatic monologue after intermission that describes the meaning and significance of the crucifixion.  This can be performed on it's own if one should so desire.  Enjoy! (113 pages)

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